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Marvelous Team Up: Quepasa meets MyYearbook

The mergers and acquisitions continue as two mid-sized social networks with strong social gaming platforms merge. Latino orientedQuepasa and MyYearbook will form a much more formidable network to challenge Facebook and the fast growing Google+. Articles and analysis from:

GigaOM ” Quepasa CEO John Abbott said the merger with MyYearbook, with its strong growth and product focus, will allow Quepasa to become a leader in social discovery and help drive larger growth for the combined company, particularly in mobile where it doesn’t appear to have much of a presence. “

TechCrunch ” Quepasa CEO, John Abbott says that the acquisition and merger doubles the size of Quepasa’s existing user base, and also could represent a new growth area for Quepasa’s mobile and social games, advertising, and virtual currency. “

Marketwatch (includes video) ” In the shadow of Facebook, two smaller social networks are liking each other: Quepasa Corp. said it is buying fellow social network myYearbook.com in a deal valued at $100 million. “


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Do Social Networks Create Distractions at Work?

harmon.ie provides a report that shows that social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter seriously disrupt work efficiency on the job. From the article:

” The proliferation of collaboration and social tools designed to increase productivity is actually costing businesses millions of dollars per year in lost productivity, according to a survey of more than 500 employees in U.S. businesses of all sizes conducted by online market research firm uSamp (United Sample) and commissioned by social email software provider harmon.ie. “

Also, PC Worls provides analysis of the report here

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The History of Social Networks

The Next Web provides an interesting “InfoGraphic” that shows the history of social networking.

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Using Social Networks for a Job Search

The following are links to articles, tips and resources related to how to use various social networks for a job search.

US News  ”  The Wall Street Journal reported this week that companies are decreasing their reliance on job boards and refocusing their recruiting efforts by using employee referral programs and social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. ”

EXTRA! Excellent Slideshow by US News on using social networks to find work here and how to utilize Twitter for job search here

WBJournal.com ” Fifty-eight percent of employers have hired through social media networks, and most, 89 percent, use LinkedIn.”

Investors Business Daily ” If you’re tapping a recruiter to find a job, anticipate his toughest questions. Show how you boosted sales and profits in past jobs, overcame challenges or united your team around top goals.”

SFGate ” For instance, if someone you are following is “tweeting” about looking for an expert, you can reply back saying that you’re interested or retweet the message to someone you know who could help. ”

Lalawag offers advice from a social media strategist for job seekers.  ” As companies such as LinkedIn look to monetize users, they will continue to take steps to decide what information is easily available to their users. Having a personal website is the best way to control and manage a successful online presence. ”

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Social Networks Infographic

An excellent visual breakdown of various social networks from around the world by TechKing found here

Analysis of chart from Online Social Media here

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2011 Predictions: Social Networks

The following are a collection of predictions made by various industry experts about the future for social networks in 2011.

Mashable has six 2011 predictions  including Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

MediaPost discusses how Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will impact social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

ComMetrics has an ongoing series of blog posts with trends relating to social media, social networking and ROI in 2011.

Fox Small Business Center discusses how social networking will play a bigger role for small businesses in 2011.

Find more Social Media Marketing predictions for 2011 at SocialMarketingDaily.com

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Younger Social Networkers migrating from Facebook?

The Wall Street Journal writes that many younger social networkers are moving away from the larger platforms to smaller networks focused more on their interests.

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