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Marvelous Team Up: Facebook meets Spotify

Social networking giant Facebook will team with online music streaming service Spotify according to sources. Articles and analysis from:

Forbes  ” Spotify already has Facebook Connect integrated into its own desktop interface, allowing users to see what their friends on Facebook are listening to, and opt to have music choices show up on their news feeds. The new service on the Facebook platform will have similar social features. “

Financial Post ” Once launched, users will be able to download the Spotify application on their own computer or access the firm’s expansive musical database remotely through Facebook “

Huffington Post  ” Amazon, Google, Apple, and now Facebook: The social network is reportedly preparing to launch a streaming music service in a partnership with music startup Spotify. “


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Impulse Purchases

Mashable has a good article about how to buy and sell music on Facebook using a service called Impulse from Moontoast. From the article:

” With Impulse, fans can listen to a band’s songs directly on the band’s page through an integrated music player. They can share the music they find on Facebook and Twitter, and they can buy albums or single tracks directly from the artist without ever leaving Facebook. “

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Younger Social Networkers migrating from Facebook?

The Wall Street Journal writes that many younger social networkers are moving away from the larger platforms to smaller networks focused more on their interests.

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MySpace reinvents itself…..Again!

MySpace refocuses on its core user base of under 35 year olds with a flair for the dramatic. Article and analysis by USA Today

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