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Facebook Gobbles Up Gowalla

CNN Money reports that Facebook made a move in the Location Services area by acquiring Foursquare competitor Gowalla. The company will apparently roll Gowalla into their Timeline feature/service. Articles and analysis from:

Mashable  ” The majority of Gowalla’s employees, including founder Josh Williams, are set to move from the company’s Austin, Texas, headquarters to Facebook’s in Palo Alto, Calif., to work on Facebook’s Timeline feature, according to the report “.

VentureBeat ” Other Facebook acquisitions include Beluga, Hot Potato, Drop.io, Snaput, and Digital Staircase. In most instances, the company is buying the companies not for their apps or technology, but to get access to talented engineers.  “

CNET ” Austin-based Gowalla launched in 2009 but has had difficulty competing against Foursquare in the market for location-sharing apps.”

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