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Marvelous Team Up: Quepasa meets MyYearbook

The mergers and acquisitions continue as two mid-sized social networks with strong social gaming platforms merge. Latino orientedQuepasa and MyYearbook will form a much more formidable network to challenge Facebook and the fast growing Google+. Articles and analysis from:

GigaOM ” Quepasa CEO John Abbott said the merger with MyYearbook, with its strong growth and product focus, will allow Quepasa to become a leader in social discovery and help drive larger growth for the combined company, particularly in mobile where it doesn’t appear to have much of a presence. “

TechCrunch ” Quepasa CEO, John Abbott says that the acquisition and merger doubles the size of Quepasa’s existing user base, and also could represent a new growth area for Quepasa’s mobile and social games, advertising, and virtual currency. “

Marketwatch (includes video) ” In the shadow of Facebook, two smaller social networks are liking each other: Quepasa Corp. said it is buying fellow social network in a deal valued at $100 million. “


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New Facebook Revenue Streams

GigaOM discusses three new business opportunities that Facebook can use to make millions. From the article:

” Facebook has access to ready-made, desirable space through Connect services such as its Like button, sign-on and comments. Facebook could show contextually relevant ads just like Google’s AdSense network. “

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Understanding Facebook

The following links to articles explore the growing impact Facebook has on society.

The Sun News ” I think that $50 billion means Facebook has cornered its market, that this market is huge and that we can’t foresee how the future could bring anything but an expansion of social media, with Facebook playing a central role in that expansion.”

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Advertising in Social Games

Mashable has an excellent article about how to advertise within social games on social networks. From the article:

” Social games provide some unique opportunities for advertisers, as gameplay generally involves virtual goods — things players want, but often don’t want to pay for. Game publishers have begun to tie virtual goods or currency to “real world” purchases from advertising partners (spend $50 at the Gap, get 20 Facebook Credits, for example).”

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About Face

Zynga drops its plans to use other virtual currency providers on Facebook and goes all in with Facebook Credits. Articles and analysis by:

WebProNews ” Another possibility is that Facebook will just force all of the holdouts to adapt at some point, too, since most of the bigger players have already agreed not to put up a fight.”

Inside Social Games ” Facebook says it expects that over time Credits will be the main way that applications and people transact on Facebook Platform, although it hasn’t officially stated that Credits will be mandated.”

TechCrunch “Don’t expect to see Facebook Credits being rolled out in Zynga’s games on other platforms like Yahoo. Zynga and Facebook have found détente for now, but I don’t see Zynga processing a single dollar through Facebook that they don’t have to.”

Bloomberg “The move signals Facebook’s tightening grip on the virtual- goods market, which could generate $1.6 billion in the U.S. this year, according to the research firm Inside Network.”

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Target rolls out Facebook Credits gift cards

Mega-retailer Target is now offering Facebook Credits gift cards in their stores. This move could greatly increase the virtual currency purchase volume by social gamers. Articles and analysis from:

Mashable ” Facebook Credits gift cards package the virtual currency in consumer-friendly entities, which Facebook hopes will appeal to holiday shoppers.”

MarketWatch – Press Release

GigaOM ” The points can be used to buy virtual goods on Facebook in a variety of applications and games. Offering such deals is a way for the social network to connect its online offerings with people’s real-world lives and potentially expand its user base.”

Fox News ” Facebook Credits are a form of virtual currency for use at the social-networking site, most notably in the wildly popular games from developer Zygna.”

Barron’s ” Target says the cards will be “an ideal gift this holiday season for those who enjoy playing social games on Facebook.”

CNET ” In an e-mailed statement, Facebook confirmed that it would, in fact, be offering its Credits gift cards at other retail stores.”

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What will Google’s Social Network look like?

Google has recently been on an acquisition tear, picking up social games/apps developer Slide and virtual currency developer Jambool. The goal is to stop Facebook from taking over the Internet. Other investments include Social Gaming giant Zynga and their venture arm grabbed a slice of ngmoco. The big question now is, what the hell are they up to?

Articles and analysis from:

Inside Facebook ” We believe that Levchin and his team will craft the rules of the platform to be extremely clear, in some places copying the best practices that Facebook’s platform has evolved to, and in other places making the platform work differently”

eWeek ” The search engine clearly feels, as Facebook and MySpace did before it, that people want to use social widgets and play games to enhance their social network experience.”

Financial Times ” Now, rather than try to build a social platform from scratch, Google looks to be building a destination for social games and applications, and hoping the social network will coalesce around it.”

TMCnet ” The interesting thing is that consumers today are finicky enough to try a new platform if it presents something new and exciting and what they perceive to be “better” than what they already have.”

EXTRA: eWeek reports on Google’s discussions to partner with PayPal to provide micro-transactions support in the Android application market.

EXTRA, EXTRA: TechCrunch reports that Google will be acquiring Additional analysis from WebProNews

Hmmm, would add much dimension to Google’s “social search” capabilities. This just gets more and more interesting.

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