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Social Networking has exploded in the online world with over 500 million users on Facebook alone! While Facebook has emerged as the largest, there are also many other social networks including MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn, Friendster, Quepasa, Hi5 as well as thousands of smaller niche networks on the Ning platform.

Social networks present an entirely new way of communicating with other people. The ability to keep up with friends, family and associates to share  pictures, video and messages is a powerful new phenomenon. There has never been an easier way to keep in touch with so many people in such an organized fashion until now.

SocialNetworksGuide.com is your online resource for news and information about the rapidly evolving social networking industry. Social Networks Guide provides links to other resources and also acts as a headline news aggregator that provides brief summaries and links to the top stories related to social networking.

In this way, the site is a content curator. Rather than paraphrasing existing content from news articles, Press Releases and blogs, we provide a sentence or two to wet your appetite and a direct link to the original article. The concept is to keep the site simple and fast.

How has the social networking phenomenon occurred so quickly? The internet has moved from a way to display content to a highly interactive medium. As the evolution from static websites to blogs and now social networks has occurred, the people using the internet have evolved with it.

The combination of understanding how to navigate, set up profiles, upload pictures and video has coincided with the development of the underlying infrastructure to support the sophisticated web applications and social network platforms now proliferating online.

Social Networks are spreading across the globe at an astounding rate. Businesses are beginning to utilize social networks in the Enterprise. Governments are setting up social networks for agencies and community organizations. Within the span of a few years, social networking has become an important facet of modern communications. And it shows no signs of stopping.

Business on social networks is truly in its infancy. Advertisers and marketers from around the world are developing innovative strategies to reach audiences in the hundreds of millions. These are critical times for businesses as the disruption of the internet has changed the behavior patterns of consumers forever.

Advertisers must work harder than ever to reach people who now dedicate significant time to spend on social networks. It is unclear as to how companies will engage these audiences and even less clear how people online will respond. What is clear is that the process is going to require completely new strategies and tactics from the advertising and marketing community.

Social Networks Guide is your resource for news, information related to social networks.  Dive in, get involved and participate in one of the most important communication developments of our lifetime!


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