100 Social Media marketing predictions for 2010

Junta42 provides a list of 100 predictions for social media and advertising in 2010 by a wide range of industry gurus.

From Junta42 blog author Joe Pulizzi:

Here are some of the key trends I found while reading through our expert predictions:

  1. Video will be big in 2010
  2. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile
  3. More companies will need to outsource content to expert publishers
  4. Quality content trumps frequent crappy content
  5. Don’t say it – more offline content in 2010???

Here is a sample of a few….

Chris Lake
Brands will finally come to terms with the fact that their own content is usually not as compelling as the content already produced, collected, and shared by their consumers. It’s time for brands to evolve from producers and distributors to collectors and curators.

Dharmesh Shah
Brand marketers will move budget dollars away from classic campaigns and into people that can create killer content.

This will create a new market for exceptional writers, videographers, illustrators, cartoonists, storytellers, singers, musicians and game developers. Maybe even dancers and yodelers. Basically, anyone that has the creativity to capture and charm an audience.

ScLoHo (Scott Howard)
Smart Marketers will be the ones who understand and use Twitter and Facebook with hyperlinks to pull potential clients to their websites and blogs.

Smart Marketers will understand the power of real conversations via Twitter and Facebook and use these as communication tools, not just P. R. machines.

Smart Marketers will insist that their Marketing Messages are using Social Media, Traditional websites, and Traditional Media in a cross-platform culture that includes everything from SmartPhones to HDTV screens.


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