Beresford Research explores social networks

New research shows that 65% of 18 – 24 year olds turn to their online communities when they have a decision to make. Article from The report also breaks down social networkers into 4 groups:

– Residents — most comfortable with social networking, they have been members more than 3 years on average, are constantly logged in and have a large number of friends and contacts.

– Twitterers — true extroverts of social networking, they usually have been members for a slightly shorter time than Residents — 1 to 2 years on average — and are most interested in starting new online groups, getting to know new people and discussing online activities.

– Hobbyists — tending to restrict their group of online friends to social contacts, they interact with social networks from home computers and spend the most time updating their status and profile; and

– Rookies ­– social networking for less than a year, they are by far the least security-minded, and are far less concerned than others that what they share could have a negative impact on future employability.


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One response to “Beresford Research explores social networks

  1. The free white paper is available at There were a number of other interesting findings.

    Online social networking is their most important activity other than email, when online, and the only offline activity that trumps online social networking is going out with friends.

    Almost 40% of social networkers click on paid advertising, in their social network.

    Over 25% have linked to specific products, companies or services–providing endorsements to the people who are most likely to be influenced & free advertising.

    The opportunities represented by online social networking are enormous. Businesses are trying to figure the online social networking out, but it’s a consumer’s game. Marketing as we know it is going to change dramatically–and it’s going to be better because of social networking!

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